Mind the Gap

Frank Maier; I can not fight this feeling any longer II, 2017.

"The double exhibition Mind the Gap with Anke Völk and Frank Maier presents a pair of artists - both live and work in Berlin - whose works are very different at first glance: Anke Völk meets iridescent colors printed on paper, canvas, or In addition, cracks and fractures play a special role in her work, whereas in Frank Maier's work monochrome color fields, over which a delicate network of lines seems to be stretched, complemented by sparingly set, geometrical ones Shapes or pasty color structures, which in some pictures combine to form stylized faces or reveal the motif of the crab.

At a second glance, there are striking similarities, as both Anke Völk and Frank Maier deal with fundamental questions inherent in the picture: both explore the real and the illusionistic space in the picture and deal with the subject of framing. Both expressly treat the picture as a physical appearance, they go into the room with their work - finished wall works and sculptures. Fascinating how this happens in their own and individual way and yet finds a common exhibition together. "

Curated by Pierre Granoux.

Sat, 23 Jun, 17.00h21.00h
23 Jun 201814 Jul 2018

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