The first virtual reality production by Jonathan Meese and his mother Brigitte Meese is a journey into the heart of the dictatorship of art.

In the artist’s virtual studio, the spectators witness the emergence of a 360°-Gesamtkunstwerk of the future: The sleeping artist is visited by wonderful, inspiring dreams. His mother enters, brings him coffee and urges him to paint. Another Mother Meese comes in, and another, and another… and the artist paints in a frenzy of creation, because “art is just to get started, and right away it’s more awesome than Picasso” (Jonathan Meese).

While Clouzot’s famous film “Le mystère Picasso” (1956) showed the creative act on a two-dimensional plane, here the spectators are right inside the events, entering into their mysteries. The white studio space becomes a multidimensional screen. Several mothers enter, commenting, evaluating and provoking a work that is a reflection on Alfred Hitchcock, Anthony Perkins, Richard Wagner and Joseph Beuys. It leads to a compelling insight: Everybody is an artist, at least beneath these VR-googles.

Located at Gropius Bau, Niederkirchnerstraße 7, 10963 Berlin

Sat, 21 Apr, 10.00h22.00h
21 Apr 201829 Apr 2018

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