Mare Nero release party

Release party of Mare Nero Nr.0
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Mare Nero, the birth of a drift.

Drift ( noun | \’drift\ ) :

I. Be carried slowly by a current of water.
II. Walk slowly, aimlessly, or casually.
III. Move passively, aimlessly, or involuntarily into a certain situation or condition.
IV. A continuous slow movement from one place to another.
V. A steady movement or development from one thing towards another that is perceived as unwelcome.

Mare Nero represents anything that elapses, flows and transposes, within its obscurity, all the despair that reaches the shore in every doomed existence. Mare Nero will recruit an army of righteous, wicked and honest people! And united we will expose our talent, with a strong hope to never hand down any good intention.

As in a drift, the idea behind the creation of Mare Nero was a continuous slow movement inside our heads. It started with the necessity to create something that would give a transparent visibility to all those people that, like us, have never been given the chance to show their abilities. Refusing the nepotism that’s spreading all over those galleries empty small talks, Mare Nero stands on its own, disapproving of compromises. Mare Nero doesn’t just want to be a basic publishing platform; on the contrary, we want to develop a mindset that brings to light all those thoughts hidden deep down the abyss of ourselves. During the shaping of our ideas we decided to create a series of stickers and posters which show different sentences with our logo. Using an approach which would be defined as “non politically/socially correct” and “militant like” we aim to criticise the rampant morality and hypocrisy that surrounds all of us, with some kind of dark humor. Every six months we will release an artist book (which technically isn’t one). Every issue will show a different project created by photographers, musicians, poets, illustrators, archeologists and anyone else who has the need and strength to say something.


independent publishing platform
founded by Nicola Fucili & Federico Gargaglione in Berlin 2017


Fri, 26 May, 19.00h23.00h
26 May 2017

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