on Friday, 23 september, 7 pm

in the exhibition T€MPORAR¥ PARADI$€ ( 21 July – 30 September )
with works by Alona Rodeh, Aram Bartholl, Nadja Buttendorf, Ian Whittlesea, Andrea van Reimersdahl, Ivonne Dippmann, Ruin/Martin Eder, Robert David Powell, Cindy Sizer, Recoltoir, Lunettes Kollektion, Tata Christiane, Bolo Publishing and many more.

In September summer once again appears in its brightest side and so also the exhibition T€MPORAR¥ PARADI$€ aims to revive the heady feeling of vacation, carefree lightness and utopian moments – with a concert by MAND#Y + JUDITH on 23 september at 7 pm in the showroom of Rainbow Unicorn.

The duo, consisting of the Vienna based producer Mandy Mozart and bassist / songwriter Judith Filimonova from Berlin, celebrate their Berlin debut of their project MANDY+JUDITH at Rainbow Unicorn.

Both artists are previously active under different name: Mandy is programming Synths for the band Cindy Sizer and Judith is one half of Fijuka. In their first collaboration they produce radically carefree dance music that sounds as exuberant as the following description of the label Shalom Salon: “Here meets Tesla Big Room Rave and mermaids learn to fly”. Like late summer, MANDY + JUDITHs heavenly light music also has some deep nostalgia, wistful memories and that uncomprehending look back - maybe to a seemingly endless summer: "Do you remember - we used to fool around" asks Judith in "Caught in a Cave".  

MANDY + JUDITH's concert will take place during the current exhibition T€MPORAR¥ PARADI$€ (21 July – 30 September). In Rainbow Unicorns space in Anklamerstrasse a detailed composition of individual artistic pieces, series, prototypes and art-editions, limited music releases and unique pieces from the collection of international labels can be found.

The following artists present their work in T€MPORAR¥ PARADI$€:
Alona Rodeh with a limited edition of reflective bags - her new graphic work is represented at the current Art Berlin Contemporary ABC, the deconstructivist music pieces from Martin Eders RUIN edition, Ian Whittleseas instructions for meditative dissolving in color. Embossed coins of Aram Bartholl, unique pieces for escape by Reimersdahl Dippmann and a heroic keychain from Julian Zigerlis accessories series, Berlin based label Tata Christiane, reduced furniture by Recoltoir, an extravagant collaboration of Lunettes Selection. Also featured is Cindy Sizer's EP "Forever". In the overall picture the installation results in a sort of small ephemeral paradise. This, or the individual items are available for purchase in the concept store.


Cindy Sizer

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Alona Rodeh

Ruin / Martin Eder

Ian Whittlesea

Fri, 23 Sep, 19.00h
23 Sep 2016

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