Limbo Losers

Emeli Theander, Hustlers, 2017, oil on canvas, 160 x 150 cm / Courtesy of Edmond Gallery and the artist

Edmond Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Emeli Theander, Swedish artist living and working in Berlin since 2003.

The seduction of Emeli Theander’s work lies in the peculiar way she combines the poetry of dreams and the marvel of children’s tales. It is figurative, in the sense that it is a setting for mysterious totemic figures at the cusp of fantasy and myth. In a cold, aquatic light, creatures-half-human, half-animal- from the Norse legends strike a pose, watching us. Their pink flesh contrasts violently with the extraordinary shadowy masks they wear as disguise, a baroque mishmash of all kinds of animals, birds, rabbits, fish or wolves, between dreamlike superimposition and carnival madness.

The word limbo conveys three very diverse meanings: Dante´s region of Hell, the Caribbean dance contest and the experience of being stuck in a suspended state, until another action happens. For Theander those very ranged meanings of the word make up an absurd but playful picture. Limbo is what she calls now the fantastic territory which her figures inhabit and which she has been exploring.

The beings she shows us seem to be constantly asking themselves the question of their place and status. We see them floating between two states, uncertain, or hunched in front of a mirror in anxious anticipation, “losers”, on the margins of life, trapped by their inability to choose between the ideal and the real world. “Lost in transition”.

Sat, 29 Apr, 18.00h21.00h
30 Apr 20173 Jun 2017

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