Light and Heavy

 David Benforado - Light & Heavy

The works collected in this group exhibition curated by David Benforado at HilbertRaum present different aspects of the concepts of Light and Heavy, bringing the attention to their complex and dichotomous nature.  The exhibition – that features works by Detlef Baltrock, Róbert Batykó, David Benforado, Amir FattalDionisis Kavalieratos, Sifis Lykakis and Wanda Stolle - focuses on the diverse meanings and applications of light and heavy, pertaining both to the physical and the conceptual worlds. The show aims to reveal the separateness of light from heavy, while at the same time exposingtheir mutual relation: one loses meaning without the other.

Fri, 20 Nov, 18.00h
20 Nov 201529 Nov 2015

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