Li Qing Hangzhou House No. 1-8 2017-2019 Series of 8 prints each 90 x 60 cm courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin

Li Qing was born in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province in 1981. Li Qing is professor at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. He lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Li Qing's first solo exhibition in Germany, EAST OF EDEN, focuses on the cosmopolitan ideals manifested in different periods, different classes and different groups of people in China's urban and rural modernist movement through a series of interesting fragments, especially the public consumerism and society’s hypocritical stances on beauty ideals since the 21st century. Among them, different concepts, ideologies and aesthetics collide and conflict, forming a mixed cultural landscape. This theme also forms a kind of intertextual relationship with the history of East Germany and East Berlin where the Galerie EIGEN + ART is located.

Thu, 9 Jul, 17.00h20.00h
9 Jul 202022 Aug 2020

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