LEVEL 3 Manaf Halbouni

Ultur (2020) is the sly title of a wall sculpture, a signal-red neon sign, by Manaf Halbouni. The artist has replaced the first letter with the Arabic letter ‘K’: كULTUR, in doing so addressing the commonalities of different language regions and traditions while at the same time being deliberately provocative. The artist may have been inspired by the xenophobic demand “Go back to your country” (ارجعوا الى وطنكم), which can be read in his work Go Home (2019). The statement was initially sprayed , using a template near a refugee camp in Dresden, and Syrian refugees later turned into “Don’t go back to your country" (لا ارجعوا الى وطنكم) by adding a handwritten “no" (لا).

Sat, 5 Dec, 12.00h21.00h
5 Dec 20206 Feb 2021

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