John Holten, Saskia Noor Van Imhoff, Calla Henkel and Max Pitergoff Matei Cioata, Hanne Lippard Lorenzo Sandoval, Marius Engh
Curated by: Adriana Blidaru


Whip, knock, or lick something into somewhere, extracting it from its background, then creating its boundary. Its orienta- tion. Its position. Its size. Its sex. Depending on if it has hair or not, depending on if it is there or not. Shadow shaped man and man shaped shadow. The first visible outline of a human being who was being human picked up a stone and shaped it into a tool. It is very likely that if you can shape a stone, you can shape a sentence. It is very likely that if you can sharpen a tool, you can sharpen a sentence. It takes two to dialogue. Before a man made hand made man made a chip in the stone, the stone was nothing but a stone on the ground untouched by man. Now the stone is a stone in the hand. Man talks, but in tongues and not in stone. Lick. Lock. Luck. Rock. Tricks in the books. Speeches from below. Memorised clouds. Scented information. Earth shaped man, but even more did man shape man. A fossil is the echo of a once seen being, set in moulds and casts of links and traces. Flies entrapped in amber, mam- moths entombed in the arctic snows, are preserved in their entirety. Whatever brittleness there is about you, it will vanish with silt or sand when time passes. As one knows; the poor jellyfish is after all nothing but a fleeting soul, never given a solid afterlife.

Wed, 28 Aug, 19.00h
29 Aug 201331 Aug 2013

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