KONSTRUKTION: Juliane Duda and Martin Dörbaum

In a dialogue exhibition, Juliane Duda and Martin Dörbaum present photo-graphic works.

Juliane Duda's latest series “Sechs Zentrale Motive” also deals with THE Kurhaus in Ahrenshoop. From the 1970s onwards, a ‘beach pearl’ in the centre of trade union-generated mass tourism, it stood empty and disappeared in this millennium. The representative modern construction was comfortable-transparent and also an expression of progressive future certainty. Its architectural structural principle was now abandoned, shortly before the demolition, but it is inscribed in the pictorial of Duda's work. The framing of the series picture also has to do with the modular appearance of the steel-glass concrete of the time. For Duda's photographic works are not images of disappearing buildings, but are created as projection surfaces of own spaces. Thus and here, the obvious is driven into the aesthetic and virtual in a multi-stage process.
Dörbaums series “Massnahmen” depicts things that are intended to educate people to better behaviour - through potential injuries or inconveniences and not, as with so-called ‘nudging’, through positive incentives. These are examples of a mostly older, archaic behavioural economy. But the idea behind it is the same: people should not be instructed. Instead, they are given an incentive to do the right thing. However, the series does not only show “Massnahmen” aimed at changing human behaviour, but also those designed to prevent animals from behaving in a certain way. This equation shows how the mostly primitive methods of deterring animals were ultimately transferred to humans.

Fri, 19 Apr, 19.00h
20 Apr 201918 May 2019

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