Karen Linnenkohl/Sabine Linse/Richard Schütz - "Deep Surface"

Image: Sabine Linse, Fotografie im Umkreis von Illusions and Deceptions I: Paradise, 2009

Deep Surface adopts the year's theme: 'The Appearance of Things' by delving into the continuing issue of daily confusion: To what extent can we trust our perception?
Does it not inevitably cling to the surface? Do increasingly precise observations and ever more exact investigation methods not lead to a fathoming of ever finer folds of a nevertheless opaque surface? Which - by the way - raises the question: is there at all something which lies beneath, or is it just an increasingly deeper folding of the surface? What do we really percieve of this surface? What do we select, what do we add by interpretation? How much more what we consider to be perception is shaped by our expectations, so that is it much more the reflection of our imaginations than an unobstructed reception of the percieved?
Deep Surface does not offer any answers to these questions, but picks up on the already existing confusion and invites you to engage further. The works of Karen Linnenkohl, Sabine Linse and Richard Schütz each engage enticingly and differently with the abysses, confusions and imaginations that appear as soon as we receive sensory impressions.

Fri, 7 Dec, 19.00h
8 Dec 20186 Jan 2019

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