Jiang Li – „Showerer: the conceptual artist Jiang Li”

Jiang Li was born in 1985 and grew up in the south of China, at a time when the one-child policy was strictly enforced. After high school, he went on to study design, but moved to Beijing - without finishing his degree and without the knowledge of his parents - to join Ai Weiwei’s studio. Ai Weiwei, who is Jiang Li’s uncle, inevitably has had a formative influence on his artistic development and practice. At the studio, Jiang Li started exploring work with various mediums, and began to develop his artistic language. He started using his phone to meticulously record the world around him. The phone became the archive for his oberservations and social media an indispendable platform. During the past decade, Jiang Li helps to install Ai Weiwei’s show in Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and in the US, amongst other places. He now work and lives between Berlin and Beijing.

“Showerer: the conceptual artist Jiang Li” is his first exhibition in Germany. Of the seven works presented, two were created specifically for the show. “Shower head” (2017) and “Apple charger” (2017) are imposing sculptures of everyday objects. The latter one is a blunt critique of our dependence on our phones today, which have become the most essential item we posses. Both sculptures are placed on a small pedestal emphasising their monumental status.

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Fri, 21 Apr, 19.00h
21 Apr 201714 May 2017

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