JEEWI LEE - Blinder Beifall

Installation views: Marcus Schneider

Is critique being dealt out here? Are we always already too late? A feast without a reason? An art without future?

Are we the undecided beholder in Kafka's text „Up in the Gallery“ who distraughtly watches a „lady circus rider in the ring“ and who sinks „into the final march as if into a difficult dream, weeps, without realizing it“? „The end is in the beginning“ is what Beckett writes in his Endgame, „and yet you go on“. Blind Applause, a space-filling installation which conceptually and methodically resembles the works that have been produced by Jeewi Lee over the past years: unnoticed traces on floors that have been taken from rooms. (L.T.)

»Die auf Widerruf gestundete Zeit / wird sichtbar am Horizont.« (Ingeborg Bachmann)

In her solo exhibition Blinder Beifall, Jeewi Lee (*1987 in Seoul) shows the ›records‹ of an event which will already have happened when the opening takes place, although remaining inscribed in the central installation: the performance of a circus group, volatile, almost unintentionally drawn on the floor; a performance without audience within the circle of a stage; solitary and free.

Thu, 2 Jun, 18.00h21.00h
3 Jun 20162 Jul 2016

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