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Solo Exhibitions by: 

Tomoko Kawai
Kawai creates photographic works that focuses on the “uncertainty/fuzziness“ lying within culture, society and history, through fieldwork and research in a variety of different fields. Photographic images are fuzzy, neither representing a reality nor guaranteeing anything. Photos are included in her works positioned as “barely fixed objects.” As all are surrounded by the uncertainty of being “like something/as if,” descending into dysfunction and insecurity zones, photographic images, as the slightest semblance of order, indicate where in the surrounding environment will be the axis. In recent years, through such photographic consideration being expanded as an “axis-like topos” and transforming into installations with objects and video images, she is engaged in creating multilayered works that are also permeated with spatial connection.

Ahmed Ghoneimy
In seiner Arbeit interessiert sich der Filmemacher Ahmed Ghoneimy für spezielle Formen von zwischenmenschlichen Spannungsverhältnissen: Väter und Söhne, Opfer und Täter, Tyrannen und Freunde, Ideologien und diejenigen, die von ihnen betroffen sind.

Tracey Snelling
My work derives from sociology, voyeurism and geographical and architectural location. Within these ideas, themes develop of a particular locale’s inhabitants: Who are these people? What do they do and why do they do it? These questions transport observation into the realm of storytelling. As my work evolves, I continue to explore place, people, and culture through the use of scale and repetition of a theme; I create new realities that change with the viewer’s perception. Through video, sound, and manipulation of size, I am not trying to replicate a place; rather I give my impression of a place, its people and their experience, and allow the viewer to extrapolate his or her own meaning. At the core of my work resides the intersection of place and experience. This melding, the known with the unknown, the foreign with the familiar, fuels my work and creates a multilayered experience.

Ryu Biho
Through my body of work I have explored, via the language of film, the tragic emotions of sorrow, pity, suffering, and longing that arise in or as a consequence of situations of conflict, confrontation, or discrimination, situations that are wrought by contemporary politics and society.

Min Kyung Kam
I have tried to look outside, in order to explore where I can reach beyond the present reality. I try to capture images of geographical environments around me, but they soon lose their specialness. By keeping the safe distance from the subjects/objects, I refrain from being too sympathetic or over identifying with them, and only express the image as a situation on the canvas. All the images are represented as abandoned areas and empty spaces, where time will no longer be reconstructed. The aura of old landscapes and spaces is replaced by artistic effort, where there is no room for dry facts to get in.

Thu, 18 Jan, 19.00h
19 Jan 201811 Feb 2018

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