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(c) Maral Müdok

[insert title] aims to create a dialogue between artists, visitors and curators. Coming together in the gallery, which functions as a studio as well as an exhibition space, the participants discover the creative processes behind the works of art.

The exhibition project invites artists, visitors and curators to make the exhibition their own. Over the course of one month, four artists turn the Lichthof Ost inside Humboldt University’s main building into their temporary studio. While working, the artists will not be interrupted, except for ‚studio visits’ once a week. After this period, the space opens to present the artworks to the public while leaving traces of the creative processes intact. [insert title] stands for a process-oriented project without a set theme, giving visitors the possibility of exploring the exhibition from different perspectives. Participatory activities such as guided tours, workshops and discussions will be an essential part of the project.

[insert title] encourages visitors to not only come up with their own title for the exhibition, but also help shape the entire project, from the accompanying program to the catalog text. In order to involve a diverse public, partnerships with schools and retirement homes as well as other public institutions are sought. Furthermore, in order to show a variety of artistic processes, the project invites artists who have each developed their own approaches toward using techniques and materials. During the four-week working phase, they will be offered the challenge of creating new works in the university setting. The team of Kleine Humboldt Galerie, which consists of students from various disciplines and universities, sees itself as an organizer, a mediator and an active participant. Its aim is to open the curatorial process for all involved.

Participating artists: Helena Hladilová, Anouk Kruithof, Britta Lumer und Zorka Wollny.

Curators: Tomke-Malin Krohne, Julia Kochanek, Polina Kokotov, Tereza Havlíková, Benedek Hrutka, Veronica Leali, Nuria Röder, Agnesa Schmudke, Elisabeth Stumpf, Alina Topf and Katrin Zellmer.

Image: © Maral Müdok

For further information visit www.kleinehumboldtgalerie.de

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12 Jul 201825 Jul 2018

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