Apply for a free production area, the use of event space and a production partner for your projects at ZK / U.

The ZK / U sees itself as a laboratory of intermedial and interdisciplinary activities, which are artistically and scientifically concerned with the phenomenon of the city. Through temporary thematic focus programs the creative exchange is intensified along contemporary issues. Within the framework of this current discourse, the ZK / U is looking for project spaces, individual actors and initiatives that focus on the constructive exchange between citizens and various backgrounds; Survey and recapture urban infrastructure and public space; Through new formats, makes global complexity locally tangible, experienceable and applicable; Who are investigating the local affiliation in a postmigrant society with projects.

The Permanent Representation is intended to create a physical location to support Berlin cultural creators in the Moabit district. This newly created space on the premises of the ZK / U will provide a safe refuge for project groups as well as individual artists. Within the next two years, successive two-month residencies will promote a link between global and local cultural production.

Currently, the ZK / U addresses all Berlin project spaces, initiatives and collectives, which are artistically, experimentally discussing social issues along the content of the ZK / U discourse and are looking for additional production, working or exhibition facilities for conferences, symposia or other formats.

In the cooperation between ConstructLab, Refunc and StudioC, the ZK / U, with the Permanent Representation, is an alternative building block to the Berlin real estate policy and enables a secure and affordable production location for free cultural-loving Berlinians in precarious situations. Therefore, this program addresses particular actors in situations of acute urgency. 

Within the two-month stay in the Permanent Representation , the open exchange of Berlin art and culture workers with the international residents of the residence is strived for. This program offers an active collaborative atmosphere in which artists, academics and practitioners meet and work on individual or collaborative projects and ideas. In regular formats for the joint exchange, such as the weekly Thursday dinner, the resident will be able to present their work and discuss it with a selected audience.

Following the succession of the residences, the Permanent Representation with a low-threshold access for Berlin cultural and experimental researchers will be established as a permanent production location from 2019 onwards .

Framework for the Permanent Representation

2-month residence in the new sculptural timber construction in one of the scheduled times (2017: May + June / July + August / September + October / November + December, 2018: September + October / November + December)

Production company of one-time 1950, - Euro + Material costs

The rooms of the ZK / U (exhibition rooms, basement vaults, terrace) as well as personnel support can be used in co-ordination with other ZK / U formats for a free cultural production (maximum 3 days within the period of residence)

Expectations to the Resident * within the Permanent Representation

References to the main subject areas (see above)

Support of the active-collaborative atmosphere by regular participation in the Thursday dinner 

Implementation of an own format such as exhibition, conference, symposium or conference etc., also possible within the framework of formats established in the ZK / U, such as OPENHAUS, caterer, goods market, etc. (Approximately 3 days)

Application form:


Facebook presence: https://www.facebook.com/staendigevertretung.berlin/

Concept and topics of the ZK / U: http://www.zku-berlin.org/de/konzept/
PHOTO: Refunc / Ishka Michocka

The project is funded by the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe.

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