Impermanence - Attilio Tono and Veronique Pozzi

Attilio Tono

Attilio Tono and Veronique Pozzi live and work together since many years in Milan (Italy) where they studied at Brera Academy of Fine Artsand in Berlin. They have had experiences as artists in residence across Europe and Asia, and their works take in many forms like site-specific installations, sculptures, drawings, photos and they also collaborate with dancers and musicians. Artworks are often related to themes concerning the self concept, identity, memory, relationships, changes, borderline situations, mindfulness. The focus is not only realize a “good sculpture or painting” as an object lock in, self-referential: the frontiers enlarge to include the context, the work accords with the space.

Fri, 13 Jun, 20.00h
13 Jun 201415 Jun 2014

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