Imaginary Time

Benjamin Laurent Aman, Imaginary Time

The concept of Imaginary Time recalls the field of mathematics and cosmology. Rather than evoking imagination, Imaginary Time suggests a different temporality than the one experienced every day, where events occur linearly, in a forward motion. Imaginary Time makes no distinction between the dimensions of space and time, revealing no substantial difference between rest and movement. Past, present and future are equal and stable, offering the very same sense of wonder that one experiences in a physical space. It is a disoriented time, with no start nor end, continuous and homogeneous, infinite and immanent. In this monadic world, how much our modern consciousness is capable of grasping a diversity of moments? (J.F. Lyotard, The Inhuman: Reflections on time, 1992). Consider an understanding of time wherein it takes us somewhere else, to this invisible limit which permits the exploration of a time that doesn’t occur, threatening the false integrity of perception.

Through his graphite drawings, installations and sound traces, Benjamin Laurent Aman relentlessly invokes vibrations and imperceptible frequencies, awakening our perception to transitory states. An effort to delay and multiply reactions, increasing and expanding all possible responses.

Sat, 14 Nov, 19.00h
14 Nov 201519 Dec 2015

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