ID Festival Berlin 2016

In a rare move, a total of 20 Israeli, Arab and German artists have joined forces artistically to showcase a powerful art exhibition on migration at the ID Festival Berlin. The installations chosen by Alona Harpaz (from CIRCLE1) and Sharon Horodi depict some provocative yet highly poignant migration perspectives facing immigrants today.

The exhibition entitled, Mother, I have reached the land of my dreams, is about those of who traverse lands, seas and continents – persistent in their search for a better future, if not sheer survival. The artists, mostly immigrants themselves, will share works that draw comparisons of today's migration crisis with crises of the past. The theme 'migration' encapsulates the moment where a long journey comes to an end and daily routine sets in; where the hoped-for destination, once arrived at, makes way for the renunciation of fantasies and dreams. It also marks the starting point of a journey of a different kind – an internal never ending journey, perhaps, troubled by perennial self-questioning: "Have I arrived already? Can I start over, relax, and let go of the past, of a country left behind?"

Co-curators Alona Harpaz's and Sharon Horodi's vision was to present a very diverse and profound perspective of the immigration experience. Harpaz says, "This exhibition represents deeply personal fragments of the migration process as it brings together artists who have either witnessed or been affiliated with migration in different countries, contexts and time."

The ID Festival Berlin 2016 takes place from October 21-23 at RADIALSYSTEM V. The exhibition is located in the upper floor of the festival space, in Studio B and C. The opening of the exhibition with an introduction by the curators will take place on Friday, 21 October at 17:00. Entry and guided tours of the exhibition are free of charge.

Artists include: Natalia Ali, Bettina Allamoda, Anxious Borders, Anina Brisolla, Nezaket Ekici, Amir Fattal, Eldar Farber, Francesca Fini, Alona Harpaz, Olaf Kühnemann, Ella Littwitz, Shahar Marcus, Angus Massey, Alona Rodeh and Amir Yatziv.

More info:

Opening hours of the exhibition
Friday, 21 Oct 17:00–00:00
Saturday, 22 Oct 2016 14:00–22:00
Sunday, 23 Oct 2016 13:00–21:00

Guided Tours
Saturday, Oct 22, as well as Sunday, Oct 23, 15:00 (German) and 17:00 (English)
The guided tours are free of charge.
Due to space constraints, the number of participants is limited.
Please register on-site at the information desk of ID Festival Berlin during the festival weekend.

Fri, 21 Oct, 17.00h
21 Oct 201623 Oct 2016

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