hypernatural sounds #4: objet autre

With Mario de Vega, D'incise, Daichi Yoshikawa. 

HYPERNATURAL SERIES: THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOUNDS is a series curated by Pedro Lopes and Desiree Förster. This series brings together musicians and theorists for sharing with the audience the philosophy behind sound art and music.

These three musicians are particular examples of these oscillating relationships in their choices of aesthetics and musical instruments -- all using common objects as sound sources.

How much does the discourses around new materialism, technofossils, and hyperobjects represent a desire for something beyond the human consciousness, some metaphysical reality beyond what is perceptible to our senses? Instead of just thinking about objects as something that always conceals itself – what new ways of engaging with can we find in musical practice?

Sun, 12 Feb, 16.00h
12 Feb 2017

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