Humans Construct

Dan Stockhom Humans Construct in Grimmuseum

Dan Stockholm (1982, DK) presents two new sculptural bodies of works in his first solo show in Grimmuseum. These are based on the act of looking and touching as processes of tracking shapes of places and objects, exploring the potentialities of both senses in developing memories and in recording the existent. Collaborating with the IT University of Copenhagen enabled Stockholm to work with an Eyetracker, a device that traces the movements of the eye. Stockholm uses the Eyetracker to look at photographs of different archaeological ruins from around the world that he has been visiting during the last ten years. The resulting diagrams from tracing the movement of his eye across the photographs have become the blueprints for The Phantoms, a series of large iron sculptures. The Phantoms will interact with the architecture of Grimmuseum and with Stockholm’s other body of work, the site-specific series Archive of surfaces. Archive of surfaces consists of various casts that are made from solid plaster and reproduce different architectural details and surfaces of the exhibition space and of the building itself, whose facade is listed as an architectural landmark. The casts have been produced by a careful process that begins with Stockholm rubbing metal foil on the various surfaces of Grimmuseum. These negative rubbings of the space go on to become the moulds of the final works, which he is producing during his stay in Berlin prior to the opening. Stockholm addresses the stratification process of narratives of places through their physical decay and alteration. A frozen gaze and the traces of architectural elements become remains of the current condition.

Dan Stockholm lives and works in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Sat, 7 Jun, 19.00h
7 Jun 20146 Jul 2014

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