HELLO WORLD! - Curators in Residence I MFA Goldsmiths University

'Hello World!' is the second iteration of 'ccthenr', a curatorial collective and research platform that investigates learning processes through artistsí practices. Its aim is to create spaces of exchange in which to explore an expanded concept of experiential learning and the social dynamics involved in the co-production of knowledge.

'Hello World!' will explore 'publishing' in its etymological sense of 'making public', and the role this has to play in the formation of identity: how we represent ourselves to others in making ourselves public, and how these representations circulate and are built upon in the world. The exhibition will reflexively investigate its form, as it is transformed throughout its duration through workshops initiated by the artists.

Fri, 30 May, 19.00hSat, 28 Jun, 21.00h

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