Petra Karadimas Tate_2019

with Fides Becker, Olivia Berckemeyer, Anne Brannis, Alke Brinkmann, Thilo Droste, Andrea Golla, Maslowski/ Grenzhaeuser, Irène Hug, Thomas Judisch, Petra Karadimas, Rachel Kohn, Gabriele Künne, Matthias Moravek, Pitt Sauerwein, Peter Schubert, Maria Volokhova, Rolf Wicker & Barbara Anna Keiner

The exhibition deals with an ambivalent phenomenon on the fringes of the museal-aesthetic area. Where a room of memories with catalogues and selected secondary literature used to prolong the visit of the exhibition, today a gift shop regularly offers artifacts and art-like objects to artificial curiosity.

Special Event: Saturday, June 20, 2020, 17h:  „Mondrian auf Duschvorhang – Über Museumsshops und Art to Go“, Vortrag von Dr. Peter Funken

Fri, 5 Jun, 19.00h22.00h
6 Jun 202011 Jul 2020

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