Gütermarkt. Flohmarkt! Fachmarkt! DIY-Markt!

A new market-format brings together artists from ZK/U, craftsmen from the hood and private flea-market sellers in symbiotic interaction.

Alteration-taylor repair your favourite trousers and get advices from fashionable artist. Second-hand hair-dryer get fixed by electro-specialist directly on site and following used by a mobile Hairdresser. Individual furniture, clothes and DIY products without ‘Mitte’-surcharge are our goal. If Moabit soon becomes the hood of Hipster-Pensioners, No-Logo-Teens and DIY-Freaks, we will be satisfied.

Live Music directed by Kallash& (Moabiter Barprojekt)
Boule-Workshop by Bouledozer e.V.,
Bike Winter-check by FAHRbar
and much much more….

Sun, 7 Sep, 12.00h19.00h

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