Future, Now

Choy Ka Fai, Prospectus for a Future Body Project Poster, 2010-2012

Future, Now concerns the presence of science fiction in contemporary art; focusing on the work of young, international artists, the exhibition celebrates the future in its multiplicities.

The exhibition presents seven international artists - Choy Ka Fai / Ryo Kato / Yulia Kazakova / Li Hui / Jelena Martinovic / Hojun Song / Elisa Storelli - who think about the future and who, through their art practice, explore a series of topics that have been identified as being related to the groundbreaking, seminal work of science fiction: Star Wars.

Future, Now inhabits the liminal space where science fiction and contemporary art meet, giving us the possibility to think about the legacy of science fiction in contemporary Western culture.

Thu, 5 Mar, 19.00h
5 Mar 201528 Mar 2015

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