Friederike Hamann ArtAndArchitecture: Konstellation I und II

Friederike Hamann, Konstellation I und II, ArtAndArchitecture #6, Detail 2014

With Friederike Hamann’s „KONSTELLATION I and II“ District presents the sixth project of its ArtAndArchitecture series at NEXT, a building by architect Jürgen Sawade from 1994, which is now part of the Malzfabrik ensemble: The light moves, time passes slowly, imperceptibly, and changes the room–through a gradual, mundane movement of light shadows, contrasts and colors are shifting. Barely noticeable, new spatial constellations are constantly configuring. The space we exist in and which surrounds us, changes constantly and ceaselessly.

In Friederike Hamann’s intervention Konstellation I and II geometric forms and patterns emerge from serial superimpositions of different materials like paper, color foils and metal plates which are filmed and photographed to be recursively projected against the wall. The projected structures are merging with color fields of additional materials. Step by step a complex, abstract constellation appears in which the original materiality of the depicted elements is pressed–much like a body print–into the skin of an image. With each repetition, every layer of this fold persists and becomes part of a depth, which is only legible at the surface of the picture plane.

Winter break: 15.12.2014-22.01.2015

Thu, 6 Mar, 19.00h
6 Mar 201431 Dec 2015

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