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Part of the 11 years of arT and impulsE at G.A.S-station Berlin + Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall

Due to the current circumstances in connection with the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) and its consequences for all of us, no events can take place in the G.A.S-station in the month of November and the G.A.S-station goes online with its presentation of the scientific focus into the digital world and is additionally present in the Schaufenster of G.A.S-station. The analog events will be postponed until fall 2021. We would also like to thank all participants and contributors who have made this possible through their flexibility.

During the 11 years of the exhibition, a number of scientific contributions on various topics were shown. We are proud to have inspired renowned scientists for the projects. They enriched the exhibitions with lectures, book contributions, professional articles, posters, videos and selected texts, which were also interesting for a professional audience.

Watch the videos here

A brief review of the variety of scientific contributions from the 11 years of exhibitions is given by Elisa Asenbaum, with contributions being singled out and examined in more detail. (22 min)

About the world of quantum theory. Lecture by Franz Embacher at the GAS-station.
In the video lecture, Dr. Franz Embacher introduces the elusive world of quantum theory, illustrating the behavior of quantum mechanical objects. Using a vivid example, the Elitzur-Vaidmann bomb test, he raises questions about the nature of nature which hopefully cause headaches. (45 min)

Revisting Evolution in the 21th century. Videovortrag von James A. Shapiro (engl.)
Prof. Shapiro has been a leading scientific critic of orthodox evolutionary theory for 20 years. "Evolution: A View from the 21st Century” tries to explain what molecular biology and genome sequencing have taught us over the past 60 years. His vision also has major implications for evolutionary computation, information science, and the growing synthesis of physical and biological sciences. Furthermore, it might well be an input for non-biologists to re-consider their lives and world view in a new perspective. (1h 38 min)

Kindly supported by: Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa as part of the project 11 years of arT and impulsE at G.A.S-station Berlin + Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall

Thu, 5 Nov, 12.00h
5 Nov 202021 Nov 2020

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