Feipeng Jiang - "Coser Closer"

Galerie Bergwasser is delighted to announce the opening of its new premises at Grolmanstraße 16/16A in Berlin Charlottenburg.

With its unusual combination of selected design products and contemporary art from Asia and Germany, Galerie Bergwasser creates a place to meet and relax. You can leaf through illustrated books, discover unusual small items or simply enjoy art over a cup of tea or coffee.
The Designshop in the front entrance area, with its warm wooden floors and stucco ceiling, presents out-of-the-ordinary design products by Chinese and German designers, on display in Berlin for the first time.
The Galerie in the rear area, in classic White Cube style, presents contemporary art of various genres: fine art photography by Feipeng Jiang, oil and wood painting by German artist Moki, and Chinese artist Jing Liu’s new interpretation of Chinese painting.

To mark the opening, the Gallery is showcasing the first solo exhibition by Chinese fine art photographer Feipeng Jiang with his series of portraits Coser Closer. The photographs show close-ups of Chinese youngsters who have dressed up to look like their Japanese manga or cartoon film heroes. This phenomenon is called cosplay, a Japanese coinage deriving from the English words costume and play. Female cosers (short for cosplayers) in particular love to try out different roles with a view to ultimately finding their own role in society and in life. But the artist does not let us see the costume that would make the hero figure identifiable, placing the focus only on the face.
The portraits are picture puzzles fascinating for their technical clarity and the ambiguity of their contents.

Feipeng Jiang completed a course in Integrated Design at the University of the Arts Bremen in 2007, focusing on People and Information, studying under the tutelage of Professor Bernd Bexte and Professor Eckhard Jung. He has cooperated on a wide variety of design products and books. In 2008, he was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for his artistic book Mo City.

Sat, 24 Aug, 18.00h
24 Aug 201326 Oct 2013

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