Feelings of my Thatched Hut

Lena Hawkins, Bloodletting (Graphic for Feelings of my Thatched Hut), 2016. Courtesy the artist.

Fritz Bornstück, Marco Montiel-Soto, Janes Schmallenberg, Ulrika Segerberg, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Julian Weber

Curated by Amelie Wedel


Saturday Sessions
25 June, 7 pm | DIY Church #322 - Für die Vögel | Radio show with live concerts and record release with Fritz Bornstück, DJ Schlucht, der Warst, Wilted Woman and Jeff Zeromoon | http://diy-church.blogspot.com/
09 July, 7 pm | Rostrum | Sewing machine impro by Katrin Plavčak and Ulrika Segerberg
16 July | Live im Museum Batik | Studio Photo with Ada Van Hoorebeke and Elisabeth Ida Mulyani
7 pm | Performance by Eva Van Deuren and Leila Hassan
23 July, 2 - 6 pm | Sleeper by Julian Weber & guests
30 July, 7 pm | Finissage and domino tournament hosted by Marco Montiel-Soto

Thursday Session
28 July, 8 pm | Seragon Business Band (Janes Schmallenberg, Sebastian Lis, Ufuk Cam)

Sat, 18 Jun, 19.00h
19 Jun 201630 Jul 2016

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