aaajiao, URL is LOVE, 2020

with aaajiao, Matthew Gantt, Claudia Hart, LaJuné McMillian, Rachel Rossin, Kathi Schulz

synthesis gallery presents FEELINGS, a digital exhibition of works by six artists. Curated by Jeffrey Grunthaner and George Vitale, the exhibition will go live on Mozilla Hubs on November 19, 2020 and run through February 21, 2021. Scheduled events and walkthroughs will also take place during the course of the exhibition. The prospect of a collective digital space has often been synonymous with new realms of freedom and opportunities for community. In the wake of the ongoing global pandemic, however, digital spaces seem more and more filled out with apps that preserve social distance while tethering us to a reductive image of collectivity. This has impacted how our emotions are registered and communicated. In the teeth of all this, FEELINGS brings together digital works by Rachel Rossin, Matthew Gantt, LaJuné McMillian, Claudia Hart, aaajiao, and Kathi Schulz. Designedly filling out the bodiless space of the virtual, the artists featured create new models of interaction between language and object, self and other.

Thu, 19 Nov, 12.00h
19 Nov 202021 Feb 2021

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