Farbe und Form

Adrian Sauer, 27.03.2014 (a). Digital C-print, oak-framed 122 cm x 162 cm; Edition of 1+1 a.p. courtesy the artist and Klemm's, Berlin

The exhibition 'Farbe und Form' by Adrian Sauer gathers a set of depictions of cloudy skies. Since the beginning of his artistic career Adrian Sauer is developing an ongoing, personal archive of 'Sky-pics'….However these 'photographs' - if one can still call them so - are more than just the result of the artist’s daily ritual of pointing his camera upward to capture weather phenomena. The cloud motif provides a chance to reflect on the visual and technical qualities of photography itself. With a second, critical look, the paradoxes appear. The clouds are the subject of the images, yet they are without object. Without proportional reference points or perspective, any attempt to read scale or ratio in them is pointless. But the panel format overtaxes the resolution of the digital compact camera. So Adrian Sauer’s skies, seen up close, disintegrate into millions of millimeter-sized pixels.

Winter break: 21.12.2014 - 06.01.2015

Fri, 7 Nov, 18.00h
7 Nov 201417 Jan 2015

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