Faith and Terror - Performance Art Festival

Anja Ibsch

State-like structures are driven to religious delusion triggered by the growing global gap between rich and poor, disastrous geo-strategic interventions and a growing trend toward a protectionist nationalism with a dangerous inclination to mysticism. Terror, war and massive expulsion are the consequences. The right-wing populism, lacking reason and ethic, continues its triumphal procession in the occidental cultural hemiphere - increasingly resembling its self created enemy, the religious fanaticism. The inevitable outcome of this movement is violence.
Currently we are witnessing the development of propensity to violence leading to the organization and eventually actual application of such. This process is of special interest to a generation with a limited understanding of war, torture and terror that is, to the greatest possible extent, based on history books and media information. While current media presence of recent events certainly do encourage to openly discuss, analyze and interpret these recurring patterns and rituals, it fails to make it tangible on an emotional and physical level. It is therefore obligatory to present the link between faith and terror in a manner that is empathetic, dissecting as excessive, paradox as grotesque and, most importantly, immediate. No other art form would be more appropriate to illustrate the disregard of regulations than the performance art, in which no restrictions exist other than the physical and psychological limits of the protagonist.
Eleven artists and artists groups take a stance at the Performance Art Festival Faith and Terror at Meinblau.

Artists: Jörn J. Burmester, Isaac Chong, Lan Hungh, Anja Ibsch, Katie Lee Dunbar, Sara Zaltash, Philip Brehse, Aleks Slota, Hannae Utamura, Yan Gi Cheng & Trami Ngyuen, Anais Héraud & Till Baumann.

Thu, 10 Nov, 18.00h
10 Nov 201612 Nov 2016

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