FAE (Made in Russia, America...) - Linda Weiss

The title "FAE" is composed of the trackinitials from the music Linda Weiss loves to listen to at the moment. These are: Frontin´ (Pharrell Williams ft. Jay-Z), Allure (Jay-Z ft. Pharrell Williams) and Ego (Beyonce ft. Kanye West), which are used in a serious as well as in an ironic way. In Scotty Enterprises, a studio and exhibitionvenue at the same time, something is developed between "teamwork, self-organisation and Anti-Vereinnahmungsfunktion (anti-controllfunction)."
In Moscow the artist continues photo-performative shots during the Pussy Riot trials.
"Made in America" before, she has decided to perform in the former chocolate factory "Red October" as well as the hotelbar Ritz-Carlton at night. In 1867 the first factory was built facing the Kremlin. She connects her pictures with content words from encounters and sites. The work will be completed in relation to current events in Moscow and Kiev.

Fri, 30 May, 19.00h
31 May 201421 Jun 2014

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