Facets of Iran

With their group exhibition “Facets of Iran,” artists Jon John Arias, Mike Marlowe, & Paul King ask: “Can we meet others as people and not projections of our romantic notions or our worst nightmares?” “Facets of Iran” reflects the experiences of three people with distinct impressions of a shared place and time. Utilizing their combined tools of photography, film-making, anthropology, and material art, their work represents glimpses into the richness and diversity of Iranian people and their environment. Jon John Arias, Mike Marlowe, & Paul King have stepped away from the de-humanizing geopolitical headlines to present a Western audience with more nuanced and intimate perspectives of the Iranian people. The creators of “Facets of Iran” remain committed to respecting cultural differences as well as bridging connections to our shared humanity. We would like to express deep gratitude towards the people of Iran for their unrivaled warmth, hospitality, patience, and generosity.

Fri, 27 May, 18.00h21.00h
28 May 20163 Jun 2016

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