Face to Face

Thomas Judisch

"As the viewer you stand there, in front of it or in it,
irritated and first have to collect yourself. The artist
also collects, organizes things, thoughts, work;
himself. Each piece is preceded by a process of
ordering, a probe, an analysis of the setting and
also of “the viewer” in the general sense. This
irritation is naturally a part of the work; illusion
is an artistic tool. And for the artist, the player, it
creates pure enjoyment. He encroaches on our
familiar methods of perception, breaks them apart
and throws them back upon themselves. Things
must be newly viewed, thought and ordered. By
the artist as an individual and ideally also by us
as viewers. As the works are also aesthetically
fascinating and immediately attractive, we gladly
loose ourselves in this game.

What is natural, what is artificial? What is real,
what is true?

The artist Thomas Judisch stages the major
questions of art and life, and yet these are not
imposing but are displayed with an almost playful
ease. Solemn grandiloquence softened by
subtle humor. It is exactly this simplicity, the yet
untouched, which provides the viewer with space
to contemplate.

(Katharina Jesdinsky; Kiel, May 2012)"

*Duration: Friday 12th 20h-22h - Saturday 13th 14h-22h

Fri, 12 Apr, 20.00h22.00h
12 Apr 201313 Apr 2013

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