Everything Flows

Jürgen Wagner, Struktur


The movements of flow - whether in air, water, or any other liquid or gaseous medium - often elude our direct observation.  Indirectly we recognize effects of air movements in their surroundings; floating leaves, smoke from a fireplace, or patterns drawn by waves in the sand on the beach. This is why we created a smoke channel which enables us to visualize and capture photographic images of the faszinating movements of flow.

Flow is movement, dynamics, change, and impermanence.

The photographs allow moments to linger.  They give us the impression of lasting corporality and open our eyes to new structures – much like the solidified movements of liquid metal when casting lead.

The exhibit by Jürgen Wagner seeks to highlight the beauty of movements of flow and to spark interest in the underlying laws of physics.

"Everything Flows" opens a series of exhibitions at Scotty Enterprises that bridge art and science.

Fri, 20 Mar, 19.00h
21 Mar 20154 Apr 2015

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