Es Kommt Darauf An And So Weiter

By Shirin Yousefi & Robin Michel. Curated by Olivia Fahmy

We open continuously on Dec 13-14, 2019, with continuous presence from Friday 12.00 to Saturday 12.00.
We'll all gather on Friday evening.

In presence of the artists and curator.
With also Doris Gassert (Friday afternoon) and the Jean-Noël Herlin Archives.

Robin Michel (*1973, Vevey) and Shirin Yousefi (*1986, Tehran) work with distinct approaches. While the former produces artworks with an obvious plasticity that only awaits to be seen in the exhibition space – which he delights in refusing –, the latter produces forms only according to a context and following a methodology that adapts itself through the time and space of the exhibition. Yet both address the questions of distance, of those who are in the margins, or what is the margin itself, as well as challenging the very notions of the center and the periphery.

Thus, despite an apparent methodological confrontation, the two artists interrogate and sometimes criticize the centre of political, economic and artistic power. They are interested in the unseen, in forms intentionally evacuated. Therefore, they chose to approach Display art space – which aims notably to question the exhibition space as a form – as a common work space, by co-working or working side by side, inspired by the practices already activated in the place. Each of the artist's research has become a method that leads to a common proposal.

(closed during 21.12.19-01.12.19)

Fri, 13 Dec, 19.00h
13 Dec 201912 Jan 2020

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