Empathic Tribunal

with Tata Christiane, J.Jackie Baier, Reinhard Kleist, Gabriele Gysi, Miriam Glinka, Thomas Korn, Florian Trümbach featuring Ben Bela Hautmann & Marianne Enzensberger, Gabriele Gysi, Thomas Götz von Aust Emmanuelle Hubaut, Filomena Nightingale, Bertil Thomas. Co-curated  David Maars and Andreas Schwarz

First group exhibition of the artist collective - DIE KETTE (THE CHAIN)
In the “Empathic Tribunal“ group exhibition at SomoS, members of the Berlin artist group „Die Kette“ (“the chain”) may interchangeably act as judge, jury or defendants. Not ones to apply any kind of victor’s judgement or dire Stalinist reckoning however, the group casts a rather gentler but not uncritical gaze on today's society and its inhabitants, as they weigh and consider their themes, looking at them from unexpected angles and allowing varying narratives. Inspired by Berlin’s long history of artist collectives, salons and clubs, “die Kette” rejuvenates such traditions, creating a nourishing and supportive multigenerational network in which the various disciplines influence each other. Using a wealth of creative ingenuity and energy, absurdist exaltation, poetics and perceptiveness, the group draws on the traditions of painting, drawing, photography, comics, sculpture, installation, and performance, united by an interest in sub-, club-, and pop culture. In the exhibition, queer, trans, feminist sensibilities may converge with political and aesthetic impulses, the various elements chained together in a fragmented but wholly contemporary narrative of urban life. Ultimate judgement is suspended in this empathic tribunal however, with the proof consisting of many varying points that all articulate their own truth convincingly, we may all get away with probation.

Vernissage: 5. November from 18:00 Uhr
with “ The Joy of Waterboiling “ Kochperformance by Thomas Götz von Aust

Midissage on 12. November
19:00 Performance »Object Trouvé : Der einsame Krieger«

Marianne Enzensberger sings for Florian Trümbach
20:00 DIE FRITTATE by Thomas Götz von Aust
Performed by Gabriele Gysi

Almost Finissage, 16.November
19:00 Performance Bertil Thomas & Andreas Schwarz“ HALLOO ICH “

Tue, 5 Nov, 18.00h21.00h
6 Nov 201916 Nov 2019

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