Echoes 2: Transpositionen SYD - BER

In a two-way communication of images and information, we move through multiple formulated spaces analogous to a single expanded room. That which is exterior creeps inside by way of a digital virulence, and what was once interior is drawn out. The local is embedded with the global as boundaries disappear. Territory and location, physical and digital, self and other, all blur together as indistinguishable but in high definition.

Echoes 2: Sydney to Berlin presses into service the digital to shift the boundaries of the public/private spheres. What are thoughts, concepts, or actions when the digital is reality and reality is digital. Echoes 2 is a kind of piracy in the urban environment, where artists navigate and plunder from a flowing wealth of everything and anything; not to annex, possess, or gain riches from, but rather to find, rearrange, and adjust things. Things to be returned anew to the general public: the open sea. 

Echoes 2 expands a field of tensions, on one hand exposed to a public/private space discourse, and on the other hand, a fusion between the digital and the real. How is our perception changed by medium? Whether print or digital, advertising, Google, Facebook, Instagram. We inhabit different physical and mental spaces simultaneously. In the past it was the dreamers, the “Hans Stare-in-the-Air” who lived in other worlds. Today, our physical shell has largely become only an adornment.

Artists: Jack Banduch, Jake Blaschka, Thomas Behling, Clemens Behr, DAG, Ronald de Bloeme, Damian Dillon, Tiny Domingos, Marta Ferracin, Gregor Hildebrandt, Anthony Hodgkinson, Alexander Klenz, Stephane Leonard, Stephen Little, Maximillian Marcoll, Hester Oerlemans, Eckart Pscheidl-Jeschke, Markus Wirthmann, Gary Warner, Kai Wasikowski, Linda Weiss, Sinta Werner, Joe Wilson, Christof Zwiener

CURATED BY Mirjam C. Wendt and Jake Blaschka

Fri, 23 Feb, 19.00h
24 Feb 201817 Mar 2018

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