DYSTOPYA sound art festival

Peter Cusack, Ines Lechleitner, Antje Vowinckel, Jeremy Woodruff
Distopias today are all around us. In the entertainment media and world politics there are numerous indications of dystopic scenarios. States with authorian leaders, the global power of internet companies and ecological desasters can be easily be interpreted as a future of horror. Particularly because distopias are fictional it can be a precious tool for a cultural diagnosis of our time. The DYSTOPIE sound art festival is organised by Errant Sound e.V. presenting 19 scenarios of sound created by international artists, revealing different imaginations of a future under given problematic issues concerning ecology and political developments. Performances, Installations and Interventions give an impression on how posthuman life on earth might sound or on what might happen, if  microphonic surveillance increasingly gets out of hand, the pure act of listening can transform a state of mind for good or worse. At Meinblau 4 installations are shown, please find all events here: www.dystopie-festival.net


Fri, 21 Sep, 18.00h
21 Sep 201830 Sep 2018

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