Driftmachine (Andreas Gerth + Florian Zimmer) + Andreas Ammer

with: Guy Allott (GB) / Andreas Ammer, Andreas Gerth, Martin Gretschmann (D) / Song Ming Ang (SGP) / Lucas Foletto Celinski (BR) / Gregor Hildebrandt (D) / Via Lewandowsky (D) / Bjørn Melhus (D) / Nik Nowak (D) / Johan Österholm (S)  / Thomas Ravens (D) / Nik Raicevic alias Nik Pascal (USA) / Gerd Rohling (D) / Igor Sacharow-Ross (RU/D) / Bettina Scholz (D) / Annette Schröter (D) / Sebastian Szary (D) / Jared Theis (USA) / Saverio Tonoli (I) / Brigitte Waldach (D) / Aribert von Ostrowski (D)
The aerospace industry outstrips itself with ever new record breaking news, the next step in the evolution of the space age has been made. Specialists agree: the future of humanity is in space. The exhibition relates critically to the so called "New-Space-Era" and presents works of 22 German and international artists, including paintings, photography, drawings, objects, videos, record covers and sounds.

05.09. / 7 pm:  Driftmachine (Andreas Gerth + Florian Zimmer) + Andreas Ammer
15.09. / 7 pm: Book presentation and DJ Set by Jens Balzer

Thu, 5 Sep, 19.00h
5 Sep 2019

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