Discussion on Algorithm

Elisabeth Wehling, http://www.elisabethwehling.com/, 
a scholar, political strategist and author working in the U.S. and Europe, will be in conversation with blow_hot_and_cold artist Damjanski (DSG), artist and researcher Sascha Pohflepp http://pohflepp.net/Statement who has been working with machine learning algorithms as well as a representative of algorithmwatch.org, a non profit organisation that analyses the effects of algorithmic decision making processes on human behaviour and points out ethical conflicts.

part of FACT ≠ TRUTH series

24 AUGUST - 24 SEPTEMBER, 2017

DSG Collective: Damjanski, Vasco Barbosa, Derek Evan Harms

Curated by Anja Henckel

Sat, 2 Sep, 19.00h

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