Curious Oranges

Roy Menachem Markovich, "Lean", mixed media, 2018.

curated by Yoav Efrati and Alona Harpaz

The opening will be followed by a performance of Tusia Dabrowska and Wiktor Podgorski which is a start of a performative project "Reality" in C1 curated by Dan Allon.
Curious Oranges is a group exhibition taking place in Circle1 Gallery that explores the innately human nature of curiosity. Curiosity is present in everyone. It unites us despite our differences. Curious Oranges presents the idea that individuals are separate entities but collectively form a united whole made of various characters, conflicts, motivations and thoughts. The exhibition space is a liberated environment in which every creative expression is welcome. Therefore, the artists participating explore different disciplines and express various points of view. Although the connection between the works is not explicit, they are united by the individual curiosities that fuel each creative expression. The artists include Gil Shachar (sculptor), Julia Bulik (ceramic artist), Yoav Efrati (draughtsman), Roy Menachem Markovich (sculptor), Michal Rubens (painter), Atar Rabina (painter) and Alona Harpaz (painter). Throughout the exhibition viewers are invited to enter the gallery space and observe the different artworks as separate units, while simultaneously observing the exhibition as a whole. Observing art is a complicated act that requires awareness and watchfulness. It asks of us: Does the viewers really see what they are seeing? What are they seeing while they are watching? Do they recognize the exhibition’s space? Are they awake?

Sat, 17 Aug, 19.00h
17 Aug 201912 Oct 2019

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