COLD CASE – Global Express Wedding

Image credits: Andrade & Odinzow

Two artists got married in Denmark, on an island in a town called Ærøskøbing. This is the starting point of the Cold Case project, an experimental archive research based on an autoethnographic approach. A cold case is a file type without a definitive solution, a kind of phantasmagorical documentation that’s being kept open for reexamination through time. The appearance of witnesses, retained evidence or other, new activities related to the case may reopen the file, but in many cases there won’t be a conclusive result.

For this project the artist couple Andrade & Odinzow lead through their personal archives unveiling texts, photos and objects that structure a dialogue or a narrative, inviting one to think about new forms of life and experiences. Think of the archive as a place of new tales, to practice the future, to come back to love.

The Installation „Global Express Wedding“ shown at Meinblau is a prologue to the Cold Case project, which will also become an extensive book. The exhibition will be accompanied with an acoustic soundscape by Nadia D´Alo and Benedikt Frey, who will also perform at the opening.

Artists Names: Andrade & Odinzow (artist couple), Nadia D´Alo and Benedikt Frey (acoustic soundscape)

Thu, 23 Nov, 19.00h
24 Nov 201726 Nov 2017

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