Citizen in the making

Assaf Gruber Citizen in the Making Videostill, 2015 6:38 min courtesy Assaf Gruber and Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin

The EIGEN + ART Lab presents the Israeli artist Assaf Gruber with Citizen in the Making, the second part of his film series Anonymity of the Night. In addition to his most recent film project, the exhibition, which runs from April 8 to April 25 2015, shows corresponding sculptures and objects.

Assaf Gruber makes his films seem like extracts, as if they were taken from a feature film, narrating the plot while not really showing it. The films are small monodramas with a special performative tension. Due to masterly staging his works are able to grasp thoughts of instability and balance relating to human behavior. His new works are a continuation of his eclectic examination of the relation between moving picture and object, repetition and installation. Through the extension to sculpture and installation, his films go beyond the scope of a solely narrative and cinematic level and connect his work to form a distinct cosmos.

The first part of his film series is shown parallel at n.b.k in the exhibition History is a Warm Gun. until April 25.

Wed, 8 Apr, 17.00h
8 Apr 201525 Apr 2015

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