carte blanche : Matthias Moravek & Johannes Weiß

In the first exhibition after the summer break, the Berlin painter Matthias Moravek and the Berlin sculptor Johannes Weiß are playing a game of ping-pong.

In a playful way, they juggle with colored and white forms and surfaces. At the same time, both artistic positions share a formal precision that leads to a clear visual language. While Moravek works with seemingly sculptural pictorial elements and sometimes explicitly turns modernist sculptures into motifs, Johannes Weiß's sculptures often contain a direct reference to the medium of painting due to the way they are colored - in the form of running traces of painting.

The contrasting handling of white surfaces and bodies in both positions outlines and defines what is shown and locates the works between positive and negative, presence and absence. In the exhibition, an exciting dialogue is created between painting and sculpture, revealing the correlation between color and form in a playful way.

Fri, 9 Aug, 19.00h22.00h
10 Aug 20197 Sep 2019

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