Captured Motion

Captured Motion

“Captured Motion” examines processes of industrial automation that increasingly impact our working environments. It is a continuation of Anette Rose´s long-term project “Encyclopaedia of Manual Operations” (since 2006). Rose observes how manual work is replaced by machines, but also how hands explain machines with gestures. On display is a spatio-temporal montage of hitherto unexhibited videos which Rose filmed as an artist-in-residence at the Institute for Textile Technology and the Motion Capture Laboratory at the RWTH Aachen.

The exhibition’s title – “Captured Motion” – alludes to the artistic and scientific procedures by means of which mechanical and physical movements can be visually, acoustically and haptically “captured’. In a kaleidoscopic manner, the installation brings together various perspectives and movement notations. It includes videos showing movements of complex textile machinery, for instance a radial braiding machine, as well as motion captures of engineers describing these machines gesturally. The lines of the gestures correlate with the threads that form a kind of leitmotif of the installation. A network of expressive movements establishes volatile sculptures, while machines run threads, knit, enmesh, cross, weave and intertwine.

Sunday, 31.012016, 3 pm
Anette Rose in dialogue with Ines Lindner (art scholar) and Vanja Sisek (co-curator)

Thursday, 25.02.2016, 6:30 pm
NOTATION IN MOVEMENT – intersdisciplinary guided tour with Yves-Simon Gloy (textile engineer, RWTH Aachen), Angela Lammert (art scholar, AdK/HU Berlin) and Irene Mittelberg (gesture researcher, RWTH Aachen), presented by Jasmin Mersmann (art historian, HU Berlin) and Marc Wellmann (artistic director of HaL).

Tue, 15 Dec, 17.15h

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