Bodily group exhibition

with Hanae Morena, Luiza Schiavo, Ioanna Natsikou, Ileana Pascalau and Moran Sanderovich

Female self images, real or imagined, and the female gaze on other females are presented “Bodily,” a group exhibition that presents the work of a selection of international Berlin-based artists, Ioanna Natsikou (photography), Luiza Schiavo (painting), Moran Sanderovich (sculpture, photography), Ileana Pascalau (drawing) and Hanae Moreno (painting). Female interiority and exteriority are explored in unorthodox and highly personal interpretations of the female body and psychology. The self is unsparingly questioned, auto-erotically explored, imagined in fantastical states, celebrated in powerful alter egos while transgressing social norms, depicted in bodies expressing the harm they endured. Combined, these expressions give a multidimensional view of experience between vulnerability and strength, imagination and reality.

Tue, 16 Apr, 18.00h
16 Apr 201920 Apr 2019

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