Blue Years

Feriel Bendjama, Blue Years, 2016

In the exhibition "Blue Years", Feriel Bendjama examines the social consequences of a possible seizure of power by right-wing populists in Germany.

What would happen if a right-wing populist party ruled Germany? This question is the starting point for Bendjama's future vision. Inspired by an election poster with the inscription "Berlin needs Blue" - she embarks on a journey through time and creates a gloomy visual prognosis. In photographs, installations and in a video, Bendjama documents one AfD - "Abgründe für Deutschland" ruled Germany from 2026. The fictional documentation questions the existence of parallels between the growing popularity of the AfD and the rise of the NSDAP.

Fri, 9 Dec, 18.00h22.00h
9 Dec 201618 Dec 2016

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