Image Credit: Michael Cherubim

When summer smog immerses the sunset in ravishing colours
Nights are as sultry as the day before
a haze of narcotic air will lead you
to the exhibition of performance- and video artist Anna Bone and the painters Lennart Rieder and
Michael Cherubim at HilbertRaum.

In a dreamlike, absurd and fantastic way, Anna Bone takes up her position as a woman in contemporary society.
In her Performances and GIF-video works, she often replies to well-known pieces in art history, shifting these
representations to experimental slap-stick horror scenes.

The work of Michael Cherubim expresses the intensified search for inventive images in contemporary painting.
This results in an illusionary display with great effects, unavoidably conflicting with the medium’s surface.

Lennart Rieders work is the result of a thorough knowledge of his own fundamental artistic research, scrutinizing
painting techniques in the most simple manner. With straight-forward tools he alters familiar depictions of the
collective cultural memory, in the process questioning them with new answers.

Artists Names: Anna Bone, Lennart Rieder, Michael Cherubim

Image Credit: Michael Cherubim

Opening times: Saturday 5 August - Sunday 6 August 14-17 h
Friday 11 August - Sunday 13 August 15-20 h
Performance Anna Bone, Sunday 13 August, 18 h

Fri, 4 Aug, 18.00h22.00h
4 Aug 201713 Aug 2017

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